Pretty sure its been almost a year since I last posted. I’m also pretty sure I’ve given up on trying to keep this updated at all. (obviously)

I just wanted to share the good news that I have been writing a lot since the start of this year (really- just a ton). As you know I’ve been writing Hysteria on and off for YEARS. Well, while sitting in a coffee shop a block away from my apartment this past weekend, I officially started the beginning of the end of Hysteria. I didnt even realize I was doing it until I had ten pages written and realized what my main character was saying. I’d say I have another 50-100 pages till the final chapter (which is already written)

I have taken a very open approach to writing this book. I had a timeline and series of events I wanted to happen, but when I sit to write my characters tend to take over and change the script on me. I cant tell you how many times I have had to go back and rethink the direction of the book, or someones personality. It amazes me since it comes from me but at the same time it doesn’t. I don’t even realize what I’m writing until I go back and read it. I fully trust my imagination when it takes over though, and some of my best writing has been when I’m in a meditative state, and I don’t realize I’m typing or what words are being written.

That being said, I am both excited and sad to see the ending of this book. I have a million other ideas for other books and I will be writing more books based in Hysteria, I just need a little break after this one. I’m hoping to have a rough draft finished by march, and then I am really excited to start my next project which will not be a young adult novel. The next one is going to be more adult, and a comedy. Think Bridget Jones Diary but based in New York.

I’ll make sure to update this once Hysteria is done and of course- Mom and Judy- I will send you and MaryEdith copies for your feedback and edits.

Until then- here is a short story I wrote a year ago after seeing an older couple split a check at a 24 hour diner. I struck me as odd, so I made a back story as to why they split the check.

The old man, who am I going to call Joey grew up in Texas the son of a farmer. He had 4 older brothers and dreamed of one day moving to New York. He didn’t want to be a farmer so he studied hard, got a scholarship to college and got a business degree. (This was in the 50’s so it was a big deal. His parents and brothers were very proud) He moved to NYC after college and stayed in a 2 bedroom place with 4 other guys.  He got a job at the mail room of a prestigious business firm and worked his way up the ladder. Each year he proved himself and got another raise until one year he found himself as a junior account executive.

One night there was a charity ball his firm was throwing and he had to attend if he wanted to continue to make friends in high places and prove himself. He found a lovely girl as his date, but once he got there she ran off to speak with the wives attending and he was left alone and bored. He was wondering around, looking at the art work around him when he ran into a something.  He looked to see what had bumped him and found a tiny beautiful women. He automatically smirked and was slightly surprised when a look of annoyance flashed across her face.

“Careful.” She barked at him “You got your drink all over my shoes!”

“My apologies. Please, allow me to pay for the cleaning bill.”

“That’s not necessary” She turned to go

“Let me buy you a drink at least.”

This time she smirked at him “I don’t drink on the job”

She turned and started walking away

“At least give me a name” he laughed

“Emily.” She replied turning the corner and disappearing into the crowd.

Joey spent the rest of the night scanning the room looking for the mystery women but couldn’t find her anywhere. Days later he still couldn’t get her out of his head and asked the charity planner for a list of all the serving waitresses but couldn’t find an Emily on it. Her eyes haunted him, and the confident way she moved.

Eventually, life caught up to him and he forgot about her. A few years went by and one fateful day joey found himself VP of the company. He was informed that a reporter would be coming to ask him some questions for an article they were putting together so he took extra time getting ready that day.

Later that afternoon, he was sitting at a diner waiting for the reporter he was supposed to be meeting. He nervously took a drink of his water, he had never been interviewed before so he was a little unnerved.

“Oh no, he has a liquid in his hand. Careful with that one, I don’t want these shoes ruined too.”

He looked up to see none other but Emily. It had turned out she had been working for a news paper for the last few years and the charity event he had met her at was her first assignment. She finally worked her way out of the entertainment section and usually wrote investigative pieces but was covering the business section for a friend which is why she was conducting the interview. They talked for over two hours until they both had to leave to go back to work. Joey started to pull out cash at the same time as Emily.

“My treat.” He smiled

“No, I can pay for my half. You save up for the new shoes you still owe me.” She winked

“You don’t make it easy for a guy to try to take care of you.” He shook his head

“I can take care of myself.” She retorted “But I may make a few exceptions for you. Ill let you pay next week.”

Joey and Emily met at that diner once a week for the first year, after that they eventually grew together as a couple, like most young lovers do, but they still go to the diner at least once a year on the anniversary of that fateful interview. They have been together for close to 65 and are still madly in love. And on their anniversary they still always spilt the check.


Short and Sweet

Guess who got a raise?!

That’s right! All of my hard work paid off! Operation Kick Ass At Work and Get A Raise was a success!

New goal- Operation Kick Even More Ass At Work And Get Another Raise!  


In other news, I will be in Boston this weekend for a much over due visit to Jay, in Louisiana the weekend after for a even more- much needed visit with my parents and family, and the Hamptons for memorial day to kick off the summer and my favorite part of it… the weekends in the hamptons!! So, my dear devoted readers, it seems that I will see all three of you in the next few weeks! (I have 4 readers if you count Mike, but I always see him ;P )


Thank God Summer is around the corner! 

Hello sunshine

One great thing about having only family members read my blog is that they very openly let me know how they feel about me not updating. I love you all, thanks for keeping me on my toes!


So, where to start? If you cant tell, I have not kept my resolution! Oops….my bad. I thought that when winter hit, I would be locked inside the house and writing nonstop since I didn’t have anything else to do. Sadly, it turns out that when I don’t get regular doses of sunshine, I lose all creative ability. Having just gone through the worst winter of my life (who am I kidding, its STILL winter here. Spring my ass!) I learned that my moods are more or less dictated by the weather. OH joy. Thankfully, although it isn’t very warm yet, we have had some great sunshine days and I am back to being my perky self. 

There is a lot going on in my life right now! I am currently looking for a new job, and a new apartment. My lease is up in July and my roommate is moving out with her boyfriend so I can either stay there and get a new roommate, or look into moving elsewhere. I have been looking at studios in Brooklyn and the upper east side and will see if I can find a place, otherwise I’ll have to stay where I am and get a new roommate- always a terrifying thought. I figure with what I pay in utilities now (don’t ask, you REALLY don’t want to know) I can get my own place somewhere else. I don’t need much room, it’s just the cats and I, but I do require my own bathroom and kitchen. Yes, they have studios with SHARED bathrooms here. I didn’t even know NOT having a bathroom in your apartment was an option! 

I’m just starting to look on the job front. My current firm is slowly sinking and I don’t want to go down with the ship. I have some time before having to run for a life boat so I am going to update my resume, look for jobs I really want, and enjoy our summer hours once those start. I actually met a man last night at the bar below my apartment who is the senior manager of the PR division for Coca Cola, we got onto the topic of what we did for a living and I went first. He was asking me in depth questions about my job history before letting me know what his job title was and telling me that they are looking to hire a brand manager for smart water and thought I would be a great fit and passed the job listing to me. Fingers crossed something comes from that, an in house PR job would be amazing!

Aside from job and apartment searching, I have been spending time writing and with Mike (when he’s in town :P) and trying to make more friends. September, my bff, told me last night that she is moving back to Washington next week. Needless to say I am very sad about this. I really wish the girls I get close to would stop moving out of state! So, now that I am back down to 3 friends, I need to think of ways to meet more people. 

After not leaving NYC since December, I am heading to Boston and Louisiana next month for quick weekend trips. One to see Jay, and another to see my parents and family! I am VERY excited to see everyone.


OK, I know this wasn’t very long and didn’t make up for all the missed posts, but I have my mom texting me to call her today, and a boyfriend telling me I should be working on my resume. Life calls and I must go! 

I’m not going to promise to keep the blog updated with whats going on, but I REALLY will try harder! 


Love you all.

xo Gossip Girl (Sorry- couldn’t resist)


A Love Note

Dear Blog,


I know you have been feeling lonely lately. I don’t call, I don’t write. I haven’t been as attentive as I usually am. I just want to say I’m sorry, and it’s not you…it’s me. I have been so busy with work and life that I have been neglecting you. But, it’s a new year, and a new me! I promise I will update you at least once a month! (Look at that, first New Year’s resolution made!) Please forgive me, I can change.

So let’s see, what is new…Well its 2014 now and in 2 short days I will be 30. Out of my twenties and officially an adult. I don’t remember much of it, but I gave a miniature speech last night during my birthday celebration that I think went a little like “I will finish my book, I will travel more, I will not care what anyone thinks about me and vow to be myself 100% of the time.” Only there was a lot more rambling and swearing and slurring mixed in there. But I meant it. I will finish my book if it kills me (which Im starting to think it will) I am going to not care what people think about me, I started on that one- you should see how ridiculous I look all bundled up to go outside in the cold. I don’t even CARE what I look like as long as I am warm. Finally, I really want to travel more. Of course to accomplish that I need to make more money, which brings me to Operation Kick Ass at Work and Get a Raise!

Operation KAAWAGAR- as I had just dubbed it, starts with me really going the extra mile at work and staying on my boss’s good side.  Bonus about this is lately I have been on her good side and she keeps telling me and everyone else what an “All-Star” I am and how proud of me she is. So, just gotta keep that going and add to it. Next step is to ask a few of the partners who I have become friends with when the best time after my 6 months comes  up to ask and how to do so. All in all I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will happen in two months. We shall see.

My book is slowly killing me. I want to finish it, it’s just so hard!! Even now I am sitting in Panera Bread and I should be writing my book but I’m updating my blog and people watching. Ugh… I need to find a way to stop procrastinating. I am up for ideas if anyone has some!

Let’s see what else- New York is in a Polar Vortex and it’s freezing outside! If it isn’t in the single digits it’s in the teens and if it gets above 30 I get very excited. I am a little over the snow already. It was pretty but it’s impossible to get anything done. It makes me feel lazy and I just want to stay in under covers, plus it’s hard to walk in no matter what shoes you have on. On the way here I slipped and fell- not fun.


Ok, I have an hour left here and I really need to get to work on my book. Mom, Judy- you two will be the first to know when it’s done and I will send you both a copy to edit. ❤ I am so sorry it’s taking me what feels like a decade to finish this thing. I love writing I just feel like I bit off more than I can chew with starting with a full book and when I start writing Hysteria I get ideas to write other things and my mind drifts…And yeah, I know. No more excuses. If you want to email/text me daily to remind me to write and hound me to get it done I wouldn’t blame you.

Ok- back to the grind for me. Promise to update again soon!


 I officially suck!  I can not believe I didn’t update this thing in all of October!!! In my poor defense I HAVE been very busy!! Lets see… what happened in October.. 

Well, for one I work for The Breast Cancer awareness campaign and that launched in October and all through out so I was busy with that. I helped with the media at the kick off on the first at EL’s headquarters and their plant in Melville. That was fun except for that fact that I was horribly sick with the cold and am 90% sure I passed it along to Elizabeth Hurley who I was working with (shes the campaign spokesperson). That cold only lasted a week thankfully but the work days were a blur with media coverage.

I went to a Octoberfest themed bar with my friend one night, spent a whole day running around the New York botanical gardens with a group of girl friends one Sunday, carved pumpkins and drank apple cider another.  Mike and I spent a great weekend in the Southampton with his parents and went outlet shopping ( AMAZING!) I had a couple of great nights out and a LOT of great nights in. All and all October was great! Halloween was a blast!

Winter is officially coming and I am not sure if I am ready or not. Half of me is proud that when it is 50 degrees outside I am not bundled in a puffy coat, the other half is crying because it cant feel it’s nose. 😦 


I am excited to go through winter again- I think I am more prepared now! November promises lots a great stuff, including Aruba for Thanksgiving so I swear I’ll update more often (yeah I know I always say that) Just look at it this way- if I cant update its because I’m out enjoying my life SOOOO much! 


OK, even I thought that excuse was lame. 

Branching out

Wow…time flies! I can not believe I last posted before I started my new job and now here I am, almost a month in!

In case you can’t tell by my lack of posting things are hectic! 

It has taken me several weeks to adjust to my new job. You know how it goes, new responsibilities, new office, new coworkers… new everything.

 This firm is the opposite of my last job, it’s smaller, everyone works as a team instead of individuals and tackles clients together, it much more laid back ( I get to wear whatever I want!) and everyone kind of talk to everyone from their desks which is nice in the fact that it isn’t quiet here, but can be distracting when everyone starts talking. All in all it has been a major adjustment plus the hours are longer. But I think I have finally hit my stride and can be less stressed going forward. (fingers crossed!) I know that will make Mike happy 😛


Last weekend I ventured out of NYC and into the country to visit my cousin John in Connecticut. Turns out it was much needed! The weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city did me good. My cousin and I went sailing on a sail boat, wandered around a old cemetery, ate good food and did some sight seeing. The leafs were all starting to change colors, it was beautiful!

This weekend I may or may not being heading to Boston- depending on if my friend is stuck working or not. If not, I can always go another time. 🙂

Next week is going to be INSANE since it starts our Breast Cancer Campaign that I am working on and I will most likely be working a lot of live events. Empire State building will be pink!!  

Side note–Thankfully I will be working in style thanks to my mom sending me some VERY cute outfits! 



AND I got a slow cooker from my cousin which I plan on using a lot this fall/winter for warm meals that can be ready once I get home from work! What more can a girl ask for? 




I finally got it!!! The job I moved to NYC for! I am officially an Account Executive for a P.R. firm!!

I am still in shock, it happened so fast. I applied to the job not thinking there was a snowballs chance in hell that they would call me back, but I figured hey… go big or go home!

Imagine my surprise when they emailed me to set up an interview the next day. I kept quiet about it, once again not thinking I was qualified for the job and once I explained my position at Rubenstein they would politely show me the door.

I printed out three copies of my resume and headed to the interview which they thankfully set up for late in the afternoon so I wouldn’t need to ask for time off.

I got there and the office was adorable, brightly colored, people on the phones and hustling around. I felt slightly out of place with my dark colored professional work clothes since everyone there was rocking bright colors and sun dresses. They led me to a room with couches and coffee tables and asked me to take a seat. Not your usually formal sit on the other side of an intimidating desk type of interview. I realized then I really would love to work here!

The women who interviewed me started with telling me she herself worked at Rubestein before switching to her position now so she knows what kind of boot camp training I’ve been though and that was why when she saw my resume she called me in. She said they were not seeing a lot of people for this job and not none had the formal training I had gotten there. We talked about my day to day tasks and she explained that my experience would come in handy but that they are also more of an out of the box company and more creatively run. Uhm, PERFECT!

I spoke with her and one other girl for about 45 mins and left with a good feeling but still unsure. I got an email later that night asking about my pat requirements and if she could call me the next morning.

The next day I stared at my phone waiting for the 10 am call. Did I ask for too much? Did they not like my writing samples? A thousand questions flew through my mind till the phone rang and the phrase everyone hopes to hear came “We want to offer you the position…” I’m not going to lie, I did a little victory dance while listening to her tell me about how much the job would pay (Perfect amount to me!) and paid vacation, sick days etc.

I start on September 3rd right after Labor Day. I am going to make my last day at Rubenstein on the 29th so I can take a long weekend before I start.

I also am being emailed a list of my clients next week. I. HAVE. CLIENTS! I’m going to have business cards, and my own assistant, and office. I think I may have died and am dreaming!

I am completely terrified and excited. I am not going to screw this up. They are giving me a great opportunity to grow and prove my worth. I thought for sure I would have to take a jr account job for 6-8 months before moving on to having my own department in a firm and my own list of clients but here I am!!

Account Executive of the consumer and lifestyle clients at a well-established firm!

I moved to New York hoping to get into PR with no real prior experience and after a year I finally have the dream job I was hoping for. In retrospect one year is really nothing! I moved pretty quickly actually and I am very proud of myself. It took some hard work, some patience and luck but I am exactly where I want to be! I feel like a real adult now haha. The future looks great, and although I sometimes felt I wasn’t on the right path I was. One goal done, so many more to go but I can do it.

Move to NYC- done

Last a year- done

Make friends- done (plus a bonus of an amazing bf who happens to be my best friend!)

Get settled into a place to live- done

Work in PR- done

Get dream job – DONE! 

Now, to get the fabulous New York wardrobe… 😛