Pretty sure its been almost a year since I last posted. I’m also pretty sure I’ve given up on trying to keep this updated at all. (obviously)

I just wanted to share the good news that I have been writing a lot since the start of this year (really- just a ton). As you know I’ve been writing Hysteria on and off for YEARS. Well, while sitting in a coffee shop a block away from my apartment this past weekend, I officially started the beginning of the end of Hysteria. I didnt even realize I was doing it until I had ten pages written and realized what my main character was saying. I’d say I have another 50-100 pages till the final chapter (which is already written)

I have taken a very open approach to writing this book. I had a timeline and series of events I wanted to happen, but when I sit to write my characters tend to take over and change the script on me. I cant tell you how many times I have had to go back and rethink the direction of the book, or someones personality. It amazes me since it comes from me but at the same time it doesn’t. I don’t even realize what I’m writing until I go back and read it. I fully trust my imagination when it takes over though, and some of my best writing has been when I’m in a meditative state, and I don’t realize I’m typing or what words are being written.

That being said, I am both excited and sad to see the ending of this book. I have a million other ideas for other books and I will be writing more books based in Hysteria, I just need a little break after this one. I’m hoping to have a rough draft finished by march, and then I am really excited to start my next project which will not be a young adult novel. The next one is going to be more adult, and a comedy. Think Bridget Jones Diary but based in New York.

I’ll make sure to update this once Hysteria is done and of course- Mom and Judy- I will send you and MaryEdith copies for your feedback and edits.

Until then- here is a short story I wrote a year ago after seeing an older couple split a check at a 24 hour diner. I struck me as odd, so I made a back story as to why they split the check.

The old man, who am I going to call Joey grew up in Texas the son of a farmer. He had 4 older brothers and dreamed of one day moving to New York. He didn’t want to be a farmer so he studied hard, got a scholarship to college and got a business degree. (This was in the 50’s so it was a big deal. His parents and brothers were very proud) He moved to NYC after college and stayed in a 2 bedroom place with 4 other guys.  He got a job at the mail room of a prestigious business firm and worked his way up the ladder. Each year he proved himself and got another raise until one year he found himself as a junior account executive.

One night there was a charity ball his firm was throwing and he had to attend if he wanted to continue to make friends in high places and prove himself. He found a lovely girl as his date, but once he got there she ran off to speak with the wives attending and he was left alone and bored. He was wondering around, looking at the art work around him when he ran into a something.  He looked to see what had bumped him and found a tiny beautiful women. He automatically smirked and was slightly surprised when a look of annoyance flashed across her face.

“Careful.” She barked at him “You got your drink all over my shoes!”

“My apologies. Please, allow me to pay for the cleaning bill.”

“That’s not necessary” She turned to go

“Let me buy you a drink at least.”

This time she smirked at him “I don’t drink on the job”

She turned and started walking away

“At least give me a name” he laughed

“Emily.” She replied turning the corner and disappearing into the crowd.

Joey spent the rest of the night scanning the room looking for the mystery women but couldn’t find her anywhere. Days later he still couldn’t get her out of his head and asked the charity planner for a list of all the serving waitresses but couldn’t find an Emily on it. Her eyes haunted him, and the confident way she moved.

Eventually, life caught up to him and he forgot about her. A few years went by and one fateful day joey found himself VP of the company. He was informed that a reporter would be coming to ask him some questions for an article they were putting together so he took extra time getting ready that day.

Later that afternoon, he was sitting at a diner waiting for the reporter he was supposed to be meeting. He nervously took a drink of his water, he had never been interviewed before so he was a little unnerved.

“Oh no, he has a liquid in his hand. Careful with that one, I don’t want these shoes ruined too.”

He looked up to see none other but Emily. It had turned out she had been working for a news paper for the last few years and the charity event he had met her at was her first assignment. She finally worked her way out of the entertainment section and usually wrote investigative pieces but was covering the business section for a friend which is why she was conducting the interview. They talked for over two hours until they both had to leave to go back to work. Joey started to pull out cash at the same time as Emily.

“My treat.” He smiled

“No, I can pay for my half. You save up for the new shoes you still owe me.” She winked

“You don’t make it easy for a guy to try to take care of you.” He shook his head

“I can take care of myself.” She retorted “But I may make a few exceptions for you. Ill let you pay next week.”

Joey and Emily met at that diner once a week for the first year, after that they eventually grew together as a couple, like most young lovers do, but they still go to the diner at least once a year on the anniversary of that fateful interview. They have been together for close to 65 and are still madly in love. And on their anniversary they still always spilt the check.


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