Hello sunshine

One great thing about having only family members read my blog is that they very openly let me know how they feel about me not updating. I love you all, thanks for keeping me on my toes!


So, where to start? If you cant tell, I have not kept my resolution! Oops….my bad. I thought that when winter hit, I would be locked inside the house and writing nonstop since I didn’t have anything else to do. Sadly, it turns out that when I don’t get regular doses of sunshine, I lose all creative ability. Having just gone through the worst winter of my life (who am I kidding, its STILL winter here. Spring my ass!) I learned that my moods are more or less dictated by the weather. OH joy. Thankfully, although it isn’t very warm yet, we have had some great sunshine days and I am back to being my perky self. 

There is a lot going on in my life right now! I am currently looking for a new job, and a new apartment. My lease is up in July and my roommate is moving out with her boyfriend so I can either stay there and get a new roommate, or look into moving elsewhere. I have been looking at studios in Brooklyn and the upper east side and will see if I can find a place, otherwise I’ll have to stay where I am and get a new roommate- always a terrifying thought. I figure with what I pay in utilities now (don’t ask, you REALLY don’t want to know) I can get my own place somewhere else. I don’t need much room, it’s just the cats and I, but I do require my own bathroom and kitchen. Yes, they have studios with SHARED bathrooms here. I didn’t even know NOT having a bathroom in your apartment was an option! 

I’m just starting to look on the job front. My current firm is slowly sinking and I don’t want to go down with the ship. I have some time before having to run for a life boat so I am going to update my resume, look for jobs I really want, and enjoy our summer hours once those start. I actually met a man last night at the bar below my apartment who is the senior manager of the PR division for Coca Cola, we got onto the topic of what we did for a living and I went first. He was asking me in depth questions about my job history before letting me know what his job title was and telling me that they are looking to hire a brand manager for smart water and thought I would be a great fit and passed the job listing to me. Fingers crossed something comes from that, an in house PR job would be amazing!

Aside from job and apartment searching, I have been spending time writing and with Mike (when he’s in town :P) and trying to make more friends. September, my bff, told me last night that she is moving back to Washington next week. Needless to say I am very sad about this. I really wish the girls I get close to would stop moving out of state! So, now that I am back down to 3 friends, I need to think of ways to meet more people. 

After not leaving NYC since December, I am heading to Boston and Louisiana next month for quick weekend trips. One to see Jay, and another to see my parents and family! I am VERY excited to see everyone.


OK, I know this wasn’t very long and didn’t make up for all the missed posts, but I have my mom texting me to call her today, and a boyfriend telling me I should be working on my resume. Life calls and I must go! 

I’m not going to promise to keep the blog updated with whats going on, but I REALLY will try harder! 


Love you all.

xo Gossip Girl (Sorry- couldn’t resist)



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