I officially suck!  I can not believe I didn’t update this thing in all of October!!! In my poor defense I HAVE been very busy!! Lets see… what happened in October.. 

Well, for one I work for The Breast Cancer awareness campaign and that launched in October and all through out so I was busy with that. I helped with the media at the kick off on the first at EL’s headquarters and their plant in Melville. That was fun except for that fact that I was horribly sick with the cold and am 90% sure I passed it along to Elizabeth Hurley who I was working with (shes the campaign spokesperson). That cold only lasted a week thankfully but the work days were a blur with media coverage.

I went to a Octoberfest themed bar with my friend one night, spent a whole day running around the New York botanical gardens with a group of girl friends one Sunday, carved pumpkins and drank apple cider another.  Mike and I spent a great weekend in the Southampton with his parents and went outlet shopping ( AMAZING!) I had a couple of great nights out and a LOT of great nights in. All and all October was great! Halloween was a blast!

Winter is officially coming and I am not sure if I am ready or not. Half of me is proud that when it is 50 degrees outside I am not bundled in a puffy coat, the other half is crying because it cant feel it’s nose. 😦 


I am excited to go through winter again- I think I am more prepared now! November promises lots a great stuff, including Aruba for Thanksgiving so I swear I’ll update more often (yeah I know I always say that) Just look at it this way- if I cant update its because I’m out enjoying my life SOOOO much! 


OK, even I thought that excuse was lame.