Branching out

Wow…time flies! I can not believe I last posted before I started my new job and now here I am, almost a month in!

In case you can’t tell by my lack of posting things are hectic! 

It has taken me several weeks to adjust to my new job. You know how it goes, new responsibilities, new office, new coworkers… new everything.

 This firm is the opposite of my last job, it’s smaller, everyone works as a team instead of individuals and tackles clients together, it much more laid back ( I get to wear whatever I want!) and everyone kind of talk to everyone from their desks which is nice in the fact that it isn’t quiet here, but can be distracting when everyone starts talking. All in all it has been a major adjustment plus the hours are longer. But I think I have finally hit my stride and can be less stressed going forward. (fingers crossed!) I know that will make Mike happy 😛


Last weekend I ventured out of NYC and into the country to visit my cousin John in Connecticut. Turns out it was much needed! The weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city did me good. My cousin and I went sailing on a sail boat, wandered around a old cemetery, ate good food and did some sight seeing. The leafs were all starting to change colors, it was beautiful!

This weekend I may or may not being heading to Boston- depending on if my friend is stuck working or not. If not, I can always go another time. 🙂

Next week is going to be INSANE since it starts our Breast Cancer Campaign that I am working on and I will most likely be working a lot of live events. Empire State building will be pink!!  

Side note–Thankfully I will be working in style thanks to my mom sending me some VERY cute outfits! 



AND I got a slow cooker from my cousin which I plan on using a lot this fall/winter for warm meals that can be ready once I get home from work! What more can a girl ask for? 




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