I finally got it!!! The job I moved to NYC for! I am officially an Account Executive for a P.R. firm!!

I am still in shock, it happened so fast. I applied to the job not thinking there was a snowballs chance in hell that they would call me back, but I figured hey… go big or go home!

Imagine my surprise when they emailed me to set up an interview the next day. I kept quiet about it, once again not thinking I was qualified for the job and once I explained my position at Rubenstein they would politely show me the door.

I printed out three copies of my resume and headed to the interview which they thankfully set up for late in the afternoon so I wouldn’t need to ask for time off.

I got there and the office was adorable, brightly colored, people on the phones and hustling around. I felt slightly out of place with my dark colored professional work clothes since everyone there was rocking bright colors and sun dresses. They led me to a room with couches and coffee tables and asked me to take a seat. Not your usually formal sit on the other side of an intimidating desk type of interview. I realized then I really would love to work here!

The women who interviewed me started with telling me she herself worked at Rubestein before switching to her position now so she knows what kind of boot camp training I’ve been though and that was why when she saw my resume she called me in. She said they were not seeing a lot of people for this job and not none had the formal training I had gotten there. We talked about my day to day tasks and she explained that my experience would come in handy but that they are also more of an out of the box company and more creatively run. Uhm, PERFECT!

I spoke with her and one other girl for about 45 mins and left with a good feeling but still unsure. I got an email later that night asking about my pat requirements and if she could call me the next morning.

The next day I stared at my phone waiting for the 10 am call. Did I ask for too much? Did they not like my writing samples? A thousand questions flew through my mind till the phone rang and the phrase everyone hopes to hear came “We want to offer you the position…” I’m not going to lie, I did a little victory dance while listening to her tell me about how much the job would pay (Perfect amount to me!) and paid vacation, sick days etc.

I start on September 3rd right after Labor Day. I am going to make my last day at Rubenstein on the 29th so I can take a long weekend before I start.

I also am being emailed a list of my clients next week. I. HAVE. CLIENTS! I’m going to have business cards, and my own assistant, and office. I think I may have died and am dreaming!

I am completely terrified and excited. I am not going to screw this up. They are giving me a great opportunity to grow and prove my worth. I thought for sure I would have to take a jr account job for 6-8 months before moving on to having my own department in a firm and my own list of clients but here I am!!

Account Executive of the consumer and lifestyle clients at a well-established firm!

I moved to New York hoping to get into PR with no real prior experience and after a year I finally have the dream job I was hoping for. In retrospect one year is really nothing! I moved pretty quickly actually and I am very proud of myself. It took some hard work, some patience and luck but I am exactly where I want to be! I feel like a real adult now haha. The future looks great, and although I sometimes felt I wasn’t on the right path I was. One goal done, so many more to go but I can do it.

Move to NYC- done

Last a year- done

Make friends- done (plus a bonus of an amazing bf who happens to be my best friend!)

Get settled into a place to live- done

Work in PR- done

Get dream job – DONE! 

Now, to get the fabulous New York wardrobe… 😛


3 thoughts on “FINALLY!!!

  1. Congratulations on new job. It is so nice to get what you want and especially when you had doubts about getting it. You done did good girl!!!!, keep it up. I’m so glad you like New York. It’s a little too big for me. love and miss you, Auntie

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