American girl in Paris

Well, I am officially back from Paris even if I am not completely back on NYC time. Jet lag may in fact, be the actual death of me.

At least I would go with a giant smile on my face. Paris was everything I ever hoped it could be and more. I do not think I can fully express how much I loved every moment of it via words but I am going to try my very best! So here goes nothing:

We took a flight there right after work and medicated ourselves so that we would sleep the whole 8 hours and wake up in Paris in the morning. Our plan was executed with just a few flaws (Screaming baby three rows in front of us, ear plugs not being 100% effective, lack of room to get comfortable…the standard airplane complaints) We landed in Paris, got through customs and hopped in a cab. This is where we encountered out first little mistake. 1. We didn’t have the address to give to the driver 2. We didn’t factor in morning rush hour traffic ( the ride was close to 2 hours long) and 3. We didn’t speak french. thankfully we were able to pull up the address and make it to our hotel. We checked in set our bags down, grabbed an umbrella, and hit the road! Our first stop was at a small cafe for some breakfast (this egg and cheese dish was to die for) and then we wandered on to Norte Dame. We took our time walking over there and walking inside and around the gardens outside of it. It was beautiful, one of the things I cant really describe with words without some how take justice away from its beauty. We walked around and did the padlock bridge (where you write your names on a lock, secure it to the bridge then throw the keys in the river to symbolize that your love is ever lasting) Very romantic, and I was very excited to leave a part of us in France. We later found out that we had clipped the lock to the wrong bridge, and had clipped ours to the smallest bridge in all of Paris but I’m oddly ok with that. Makes it a little more unique, just like us.

Mike showed me Sainte Chapelle which in my opinion is the most beautiful and awe inspiring building in all of Paris. The stain glass windows took my breath away. The way the sunlight shone through them and the amount of detail was unbelievable.

We spent the rest of the day walking around in the rain, eating, and enjoying our first day there. It was amazing how we could be walking down a little street, turn the corner and BAM there was this massive statue, or this huge building. The whole city is ful of little secrets and I had fun with Mike trying to find them all out.

The second day we got up, had breakfast in the hotel and hit the road. We did most of the touristy things like the Arc De Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, and other smaller areas. ( the square where the be-headings used to be, etc) It was fun but exhausting. We went out to a little bar that night with very friendly bar tenders who made drinks based on what they thought we would like. I’m not sure why everyone says the French are rude when everyone (aside from one surly cab driver) was amazing friendly and helpful. I guess it just like how NYC gets a bad rep when it shouldn’t.

The third day we went to Palace of Versailles. I would encourage people to go if they had a day to spend in the gardens, but the Palace itself was a bit extensive (understatement of the year!!) and after an hour Mike and I were literally frantically looking for the way out of the palace. However, we did walk around the garden which had the cutest little trails and ponds and we had a picnic outside of Marie Antoinette’s cottage by a lake. It was perfect and relaxing and so serene. I know when I get stressed and need to think of my “Happy place” that will be one of the places I think of. Laying in the green grass next to Mike after snacking on a baguette, listening to the trees blow in the wind and the ducks call each other across the pond. Seeing fish jump out of the water to catch the bugs that are laying on top of it and feeling grounded and peaceful and like we are the only two people in the world right then. Even reflecting on it now, its almost like I can physically feel my heart rate slow down and my breathing get deeper and its impossible to contain the happy smile from coming across my face.

For our last day we decided to take it easy- sleep in- and wander the city. We started with brunch at this amazing nondescript place with live jazz music. After that we walked around the pere lachaise cemetery where Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison are buried. Some of the headstones went back to the 1800’s and the whole place was quiet and full of sun light filtering down through the trees. From there we went to the Louvre Park and stuffed ourselves with dessert crepes and found a place in the grass in the sun to lay down. We shared headphones and listened to music while lazily dozing off.

We capped off the last night there with a boat ride on the Seine river and we made it to the Eiffel Tower in time to sit in the park with a bottle of champagne right when the clock struck midnight and the tower lit up. The whole day was perfect full of great food, laughs, and lots of love.

I tried convincing Mike to run away with me for the summer and to find a little place to stay there but sadly, we both had to return back to reality, New York, and worst of all- work.

I catch myself day dreaming about everything we saw and did and it makes me smile. Even if the rest of the summer proves to be stressful or long or hard- at least I’ll always have Paris to reflect upon, which will make this the best summer of my life thus far. 🙂


Better late than Never

OK… I know it’s been a while since my last update. 


I want to start off by saying sorry! Life has a way of distracting you and making time fly by as I am sure you all know!

This past month has been a blur. I was in California for a weekend for my friends wedding. It was nice to see my family but I feel as though I didn’t have enough free time while I was there to really enjoy it. But, I saw my grandparents (not for nearly enough time) watched tv and ate breakfast with my parents and even got in some clothing shopping! Mike met me there and we were able to have one night to ourselves in Venice Beach before having to return home. ( Love and miss you mom!) 

The following weekend we went out to the Hamptons and although we couldn’t really enjoy the pool since the weather sucked, we had a great group of people and enjoyed some great dinners (one of which I am still going to hound Lynne for the recipe for!) 


Last weekend Mike was in Chicago and I made sure to make absolutely no plans. After traveling and working so much it was nice to do whatever I felt like doing at any given moment. I ended up staying in and watching girlie romantic comedies Friday night, sleeping in then cleaning my house house Saturday and going out with my BFF’s Taryn and Micaela Saturday night. The three of us ended up staying local and had an impromptu sleep over when they decided to stay at my place instead of making the trek back to their houses.  It’s nice to have close girl friends.  I spent the next day at a birthday brunch for my friend Emily and then running errands. It was refreshing to have a weekend home to relax and get things situated.

This past week I have been sitting for the owner of the company assistant and that was stressful to say the least. However, Mr Rubenstein himself now knows my name as well as some other higher ups. Plus since he has been in PR for YEARS and built this company from the ground up he had some really interesting stories I was glad to have heard. 

I am hoping this next week flies by since next Wednesday Mike and I will be on a plane to Paris! 🙂 ::Enter huge smile and happy dance here:: I am sure I will have plenty to post about after that! 

Now, it’s back to the grind I go!