Time Flies…

I can’t believe it has been so long since I last updated!! Life has been a little bit crazy. 

I finished my sentence at the desk from hell and am now a free women! (correct term is Floater… but close enough) By the end of working there I had actually bonded with “The Dragon Lady” as my mom likes to refer to her, and I did learn a lot. I was part of the team that launched the Easter Lily planting at Rock Center, I helped build up hype for Legolands opening in Yonkers, and I got all the media coverage to attend the Empire State Building going blue for Autism! It was stressful, and hard, but I managed to do it all with a somewhat clear head (if you don’t count the stress migraines). Was it worth it? Yeah, it was. I have a lot of new skills sets to include on my resume and it was nice to open the paper and see the story I had pitched, but I’m excited to move on to different groups in the company. I want to be the one to WRITE the story that was pitched and covered in the paper the next time. Dream big or go home!

March flew by and now its April. March… where do I even start? March sucked. There, I said it. It was a stressful, gloomy, busy, heart breaking month and I’m so glad it is over. April is here, along with the sun and warmth and everything I have missed about Spring. There are birds chirping, butterflies flitting around, flowers blooming, sun shining… you get my point. Bottom line is, winter is finally over. I survived my first real winter and although it was touch and go towards the end I think I handled it pretty well. (If you don’t count my Diva moments some of you had to witness ::cough cough Mike :cough cough::) I’m just about ready to pack up my winter coats, put my a/c back in the window, and find a couple of cheap lawn chairs to put on the roof so my roommate and I can work on our tans while sipping frozen margaritas. How can anyone not be happy about that? I’d rather work on my cannon balls in a pool than  work on my snow men making skills any day of the year. 

As far as what else is new (yeah, this is going to be one of those long winded posts where I jump from random topic to random topic trying to remember everything that could possibly be new in my life since I last updated. You’ve been warned) I went with Mike to Philly last week. It was beautiful! He was able to show me where he went to school and lived for the 4 years he was there. We also walked all around Philly (or so it seemed to my feet) had dinner with his old class mates, went to a few college bars that sadly reminded me that although I do not look 29, I also can not pass for a college student either (they look so little!), and found a cute little place to have brunch and enjoyed the sun while reading. I dragged Mike to a tour of Independence Hall, which I will admit, was horribly boring, saw the Liberty Bell, and Ben Franklins grave. It was a perfect short weekend away and it was a indescribably great to have Mike to myself all weekend. 

As far as our next trip, Mike has planned a trip to PARIS for us! P-A-R-I-S! I feel like I need to dedicate a whole blog post just to the fact that we are going to Paris. I have dreamed about going for as long as I could remember. I want to see the museums, take a cheesy romantic picture by the Eiffel Tower, sip coffee and eat a croissant while people watching outside a cafe. I want to write our names on a lock pinned on the bridge and throw the key into the water below. Basically, I want to do as much as possible. First things first… have to learn the basics of the language. Thankfully, I have over a month to do so. 🙂

 The rest of this week should move quickly. I am moving from desk to desk this week, as well as working the TriBeCa flim festival Friday and Sunday and working at Noir (I’m back to cocktailing on sat nights, I actually enjoy it!) so in between all of that I will try to write more. 

I am so excited for all the things yet to happen! Winter is behind me, Spring is ahead and then we are back to summer and my one year anniversary of living in New York! I can’t wait to see what else April has in store for me.