Luck of The Irish

This past week was a blur. I was unbelievably busy at work, trying to keep my boss happy. (Which I did not mange to do till Thursday) I spent most of the week getting yelled at, but by the end of the week I was able to turn it around and now have a fantastic working relationship with my boss. We even share recipes we find online!

Thursday night my two friends from California got into town and the weekend was filled with catching up and running around. Friday night we went out to dinner with my roommate and a few other girl friends, then it was off to club hoping and dancing the night away. I wish I could say I had fun but in all honestly I had a pretty miserable time. When you get that many girls in one group they are all bound to want to do different things and some personalities clashed, but in the end we all agreed on one place and I made the best of it. (I also called it a night around 2:30, which by NYC standards is pretty early) 

Saturday we woke up, and met my friends for brunch at this new spot called Isola. It was great to get my old friends mingled with my new friends and we ended up taking our time and drinking, eating and laughing for a few hours. 

After that, we headed back to my area since St Patty’s day was being celebrated that day and I live on 2nd Ave, where the bar crawl was taking place. We went to Corner Stone, an Irish pub two doors down from me and danced and drank the day away. We also had incredible hot wings. Seriously, they have the best in town. Can not get enough. I may be in love. The bar was busy but it had a great crowd in it and hits of the 90’s playing..does it get better than that? I mean, who doesn’t love belting out a Boyz II Men song with your friends?! We also stared a soul train, which was hysterical. 

We ended the night at my old job where I caught up with my old coworkers while my out of town friends made out with strangers. It was actually pretty amusing to watch. Sunday we had brunch again, this one didn’t involve any booze thankfully, and then I went home and put together the dresser my mom ordered for me (Thanks Mom!!!!!!) I love it, by the way! And spent the rest of the day in doors. 

As much as I love my friends, and I do really love that they came and saw me and stayed with me, I am also glad that they and my roommate have vacated my tiny apartment and I have the place to myself for a week. (Roommates in London/Paris.. can’t talk about it, I’m too jealous :P) I had a nice quiet night in last night, and I plan on duplicating it after my hot yoga tonight. 

I love my friends and always have a blast with them but living in a city this large and this fast paced, makes you value your alone time even more. You need an sanction to call your own, even if its just a tiny two bedroom apartment with no living room. 


It’s off to work I go

Well, last week I successfully trained as a Media Assistant at the PR firm. The girl training me acted like a drill Sargent, but I had a lot to learn in a few short days. I came home from work mentally exhausted from all new information that was crammed into my brain everyday. 

BUT, it paid off. Today I worked without a safety net, and it was not a walk in the park. I ran into the office at 8 am, got everything turned on and started sending out tip sheets and pitches to the media. After doing that I tracked any leads on articles that ran for our clients and sent those into the president of the firm. I answered the phones, scheduled appointments, proof read new pitches and sent more out. My boss had sent me a dozen emails before 8:30 with list of things to do, and once I was half way done with those there were 20 more. I felt like I was running in circles and my eyes were starting to cross. I skipped lunch, and snacked on cashews and water. 

Once 5:30 rolled around I was begging the girl next to me to strangle me to death when my boss called me into my office. She asked me how I felt about my work that day. I paused, thinking of the few mistakes I had made and  trying to count the number of times she asked me if I had finished a task that wasn’t done yet when she answered for me. Her exact words were, “Your answer should be great, because you did a great job today.” She went on to tell me she was very impressed with how quickly I was picking things up and that she would see me bright and early the next day. 

I watched her walk away and glanced at the others around me. Everyone’s jaw was on the ground. My new boss is notorious for being insanely hard on her assistants. I glanced over at Mikaela who sits next to me. She smiled and motioned for me to wait till my boss turned the corner, as soon as she was out of sight she, a few other assistants and I all started celebrating. I made it through my first day, and I got praised! Even though I had a horrible stress headache I walked home with a giant smile on my face, looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow. 

I came out to NYC in hope of getting a job in PR and even though I am starting at the bottom and it doesn’t pay well, I feel like Im doing what I was meant to do. 

This week is going to kick my butt, but I have friends coming in from California so at least I have some fun things to look forward to. My roommate and I have been trying to make sure the house is in order before they come so I spent the weekend hanging curtains, and pictures, and painting the bathroom but the place finally looks like a home. 

All in all it was a great Monday. Now, off to find a recipe to cook for dinner tomorrow. I had taken a break but I’m back!